Meet Hugo “Lancelot” Hujala, 17, who has now solidified his place as the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player in Finland.

He made his Smash Ultimate debut placement at Valhalla II, a major Smash Ultimate tournament held in Denmark with almost 400 attendees. There Lancelot was the highest placing Finnish player, coming in at 17th.

In Union XX — the largest Smash event in Finland in recent memory — Lancelot won every Smash Ultimate tournament the event had to offer. He and his teammates Solobattle & Mursu ended up qualifying for the Nordic finals of the European Smash Ball Team Cup 2019, held in Stockholm, Sweden. In the Nordic finals, Lancelot and his team swept the competition and won the tournament qualifying for the European finals, held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where they put up a good fight and made it all the way to the semi-finals.

So far in 2019, Lancelot has won almost every Finnish tournament he has attended, falling 2nd only once against his trusted doubles partner, Solobattle.

His goal is to keep on improving and to attend several larger European tournaments, while the Finnish Super Smash Bros. scene is supporting their prodigy every step of the way.

2019 OOC tournament results:

2nd Pixelpokal Invitational (Germany)
3rd Vivaldi Summer 2019 in Singles / 2nd in Doubles (Norway)
17th Albion 4 (UK)
3rd/4th Nintendo’s European Smash Ball Team Cup Finals (Netherlands)
1st Nintendo’s European Smash Ball Team Cup Nordic Finals (Sweden)
8th Schism 3 in Singles (Ireland)
17th Valhalla II in Singles (Denmark)

Here’s a great introduction video to Lancelot by @NOQQYSC:

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