Lancelot Conquers Exodus 2


On September 15th 2019, Lancelot won his first out-of-country tournament. The tournament in question was called Exodus 2 which took place in Zug, Switzerland and consisted of 93 participants in total. However, of those 93 participants only one could be the champion, and on that day it was Lancelot.

Road to Victory

In the top 24 bracket Lancelot was put to Losers side by PEW but the fight was not over yet. Lancelot felt that his mentality in Losers was on point which caused him to play better than before. During his incredible Losers run he defeated ItseMePG, Destany and Genarog. All tough opponents but there was still one opponent left, the very same player who put Lancelot in Losers; it was time for a rematch with PEW. Lancelot reset the Grand Finals with a 3-1 score and ultimately defeated PEW with a hard-earned 3-2 score, thus making him the Smash Ultimate champion of Exodus 2. Lancelot managed to score a few reverse 3-0’s during the run, which made the victory all the more satisfying. He is really happy and he wants to improve even further in the near future.

Next Destination

If you want to follow Lancelot’s tournament ventures, you can do so this weekend on September 20th-22nd as he takes on Bifrost 3 – Sessrumnir, a tournament held in Huddinge, Sweden. You can find a link to Lancelot’s Twitter and the tournament’s event page below. Bifrost 3 is going to have almost double the amount of participants so victory will not come easily. Lancelot is accompanied by many other Finnish players who will also be aiming for that top spot. We wish all of you the best. If Lancelot’s success at Exodus 2 was not already enough of a sign of things to come, he definitely has a good chance of scoring another out-of-country tournament win this weekend. This is a clash of Nordic countries you will not want to miss out on.

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