Assembly Summer 2019 WINNERS

Another year, another Summer Assembly in the bag! This time we secured gold in two games: League of Legends and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Hugo “Lancelot” Hujala’s NINTENDOMINATION came as a surprise to no one as he cruised his new Wario pick all the way to a 3-0 grand finals sweep. The match can only be summarized as, frankly, he just makes it look too darn easy. Will be exciting to see how the momentum carries to this week’s Pixelpokal Summer Smash Ultimate Invitational.

On the League of Legends front, our boys managed to stage quite the upset. Having lost the upper bracket finals 0-2 to the Finnish Esports League champions MJ-Esports on Friday, we came back with a vengeance on Saturday. The first notch on the belt was taking out TagX, against whom we suffered a heartbreaking defeat at Assembly Winter. Grand finals against MJ-Esports was grand in every sense of the word — off-meta picks, 2-0 sweep against the standing FEL champions with both of the games being real nail-biters. GGs WP!

Our League of Legends roster for Assembly Summer 2019 included: Karwox, Mvt, Zorbo, Snurmi, and Tiara (disclaimer: Tiara is currently playing for Neon Esports and we wish all the best for their Nordic Championship run). Also accompanying us was Selfway.


VODS can be found here:

Lower bracket Finals vs TagX (their POV):

Grand Finals vs MJ-Esports (casted):

Assembly Summer 2019 was an all-around great event for which the organizers deserve all the praise. The Starcraft 2 tournament was beyond amazing with its excellent production value, top tier contenders, and the passionate audience who shouted and clapped their hearts out. Also huge congratulations to Kova Esports for their incredible CS:GO tournament run.

Special thanks to PHZ Full Stack and KAMK Esports Business for making the journey leading us here possible. Also, shoutouts to everyone who stopped by to say hi and cheered for us live at Assembly or in the Twitch chat!

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