FEL Season 3 & Roster Update

Roster update

Our League of Legends team – stronger than ever!

Rami “Snurmi” Nurmi has rotated from top to bot and will be putting the “carry” into “AD carry”. Meanwhile our top lane has completely new blood as Daniel “BigBoppa” Rinkinen & Tomáš “Thomasive” Minarovič joined us to make sure our topside stays strong. Also, our previous seasons’ coach, Sebastian “Zorbo” Holmén will be stepping back into the ring and take the mid lane into his control.

Full roster:

Daniel “BigBoppa” Rinkinen (top)
Tomáš “Thomasive” Minarovič (substitute top)
Ervo “Mvt” Halonen (jungle)
Sebastian “Zorbo” Holmén (mid)
Rami “Snurmi” Nurmi (bot)
Jan-Mikael “Puppe” Buben (support & team captain)

The team is hungry to go far!

FEL Season 3

FEL (Finnish Esports League) League of Legends is back with a new season, bigger prize pool, and playoffs. The league is part of a pan-European system – NEL (National Esports Leagues).

The regular season will last from 4th of May till 5th of June with the matches being held two times a week, on Wednesdays (8pm EEST) and Saturdays (5pm EEST). The tournament will be played in a single round-robin format, with all the matches being best-of-three. After every team has played against each other once, the regular season concludes, and the top 4 teams advance into the playoffs to fight for the top spot.

Division 1 includes 8 teams:

Team PHZ
ISO eSports
Void Esports
Tiimi A

We will start our season today with a match against Void Esports at 6pm (EEST).

Full schedule

Unfortunately, there will be no official streams of the tournament, but we will be streaming and casting (in Finnish) all of our matches in our Twitch channel.

We will keep you updated about the games on our Twitter.

The top 2 teams from FEL will qualify to DreamHack’s Nordic Championship where the best teams from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Iceland compete to become the Nordic Champions.

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