LanTrek 2019 recap

An event full of success, excitement, and fun

Puppe was crowned the king of Virtua Fighter over Addy

We at Team PHZ had a very successful time at Lantrek 2019 from February 28 to March 3rd. We participated in two tournaments, Smash Ultimate and League of Legends, and took the win in both of them. On top of having success in the tournament side, we had a ton of fun meeting many amazing people, seeing our work come to fruition and playing a bunch of arcade games, and enjoying the event’s relaxed atmosphere.

Smash Ultimate tournament top 3 – Lancelot in the middle
Credit: LanTrek

Smash Ultimate

After gathering up experience from the recent international event, Schism 3, Lancelot came back to Finland stronger than ever, and took home the LanTrek 2019 Smash Ultimate championship. LanTrek’s Smash tournament is one of the biggest in Finland, this one having 64 entrants in it, so the competition was by no means easy. Nevertheless, Lancelot kept himself on the winners side of the bracket the whole way through by not losing a single set. There was no stopping Lancelot and even his long-time friend and adversary, Solobattle, was not able to stop the winning streak. The win means a lot as it’s the first Ultimate tournament win for Lancelot – this will be a great point to continue from.

From left to right: Envy, Kososanity, Mvt, Zorbo, Puppe
Credit: Janne Maljanen

League of Legends

After finishing 3rd in the Assembly Winter 2019 League of Legends BYOC tournament, our players were left slightly disappointed yet motivated. At LanTrek 2019 their work finally paid off as they took the title home in a spectacular way without dropping a single game during the tournament. With the gained momentum, the team is planning to continue forward stronger than ever. Huge thanks for Kososanity for subbing in for us during this tournament.


The timing of the event happened to clash with ENCE’s impressive CSGO Major run in IEM Katowice. This turned out to be a pleasant surprise though, as the whole venue turned into a big viewing party and the hype was through the roof during their Semi-Finals match. It was one of those moments where you really felt the people’s passion for esports – an incredible thing to witness.

Till next time

Apart from our team’s achievements, Lantrek 2019 itself was a very enjoyable event overall. The event managed to be really cozy but also full of excitement – huge props to the LanTrek crew for the excellently crafted event, and to Smash Finland for the well organized Smash tournaments. We are looking forward to attending similar events in the future, while also making sure our representative players at Team PHZ are ready to face new challenges.

See you all in the upcoming LAN events
Credit: Janne Maljanen