Final Round 2019

15.-17. March in Atlanta, Georgia

Street Fighter, one of the many games in Final Round

It’s that time of the year again! Addymestic’s next Brawlhalla LAN is coming up THIS WEEKEND in Atlanta, Georgia. The same place he won his World Championship title at the end of last year.

Final Round is a fighting game event, featuring tournaments for plethora of different games from Smash Ultimate to Tekken 7, and as said, Brawlhalla will also be there with a $20,000 prize pool.

Water ✔

Who will be brawling there

As this is the first LAN event of the year, everyone is excited to come compete for the big prizes, glory and bragging rights.

From the NA side of Brawlhalla, most top players are making an appearance, notably player such as Boomie, Sandstorm and NoeL.

Europe is also sending in their usual squad: Dobrein, Diakou, and of course, Addymestic and Cake, who will be going after another 2v2 victory royale.

The competition will be tough for sure, so we wish all the luck for Addy and the rest of the EU crew!

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Final Round Twitter

As per usual, we will keep you guys updated on the scores on our Twitter page.