Final Round 2019 Recap


Final Round is an annual fighting game event that has featured tournaments for a multitude of titles. The 2019 iteration featured the likes of Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Smash Bros. Ultimate, Soul Calibur 6, Dragon Ball FighterZ and many more. Titles like these bring out all kinds of notable fighting game players, such as Justin Wong, Tokido, GO1 and SonicFox.

Where the magic happened

Addymestic’s Experience at Final Round

Team PHZ was represented by Addymestic at Final Round 2019 March 15th-17th. Addymestic traveled all the way to Georgia, USA and while the trip was not exactly smooth, it was safe and he found the simple act of traveling relaxing. Fortunately, he did not have any problems with accomodation and he got to stay at an Airbnb with 9 other players.

This was Addymestic’s first personal experience with the Final Round tournament series but he did have some prior attachment to the series because his field of expertise, that being Brawlhalla, has experienced great growth in the previous iterations. Speaking of Brawlhalla, Addymestic did reach 13th place in Brawlhalla 1v1 and 7th place with his teammate Cake in Brawlhalla 2v2. In his opinion, he felt that he had underperformed a bit, which can be contributed to a multitude of factors; one of said factors was the lack of good practice due to him being away from the game for a week. This lack of preparation led to small yet detrimental moments of hesitation in terms of his character selection.

What’s Next for Addymestic?

No worries though, Addymestic will get chances to redeem himself in his upcoming tournaments. In terms of online events, first he is going to attend a smaller 2v2 event on April 6th, after which there will be an online major called Spring Championship on April 27th. As for LAN events, Addymestic will attend Dreamhack Dallas on May 31st, after which he will continue to Dreamhack Summer and CEO 2019 consecutively. Needless to say, June will be quite the wild ride for him. Team PHZ is looking forward to it as much as Addymestic himself.