Brawlhalla Winter Championship this weekend!

The competitive season of Brawlhalla is finally starting

The first seasonal championship of the year is here! These online major tournaments are the most prestigious of the year. Rumors say Addy holds 7 seasonal championship titles in total across both game modes 😉

Winter Championship is an online tournament that is held 9-10th of February. The tournament includes players from both EU & NA, and they will be competing in both 1v1s & 2v2s. The total prize pool of the tournament is $20,000.

Here are some of the Addy’s reflections about the tournament:

How do you feel going into it?
“A little bit uncertain, since you never know what can happen in the first tournament of the year. Regardless, I am confident that I will be able to pull off solid results, and in general very happy that I get to compete again.”

How do you expect to perform?
“I would be unhappy with anything but a win in 2v2s. In 1v1s a solid top 8 would be a good start to the season.”

Who do you think will be the toughest opponent?
VipR3 is a guy who I keep running into in every online tournament. We always have super close sets which can go either way, so I will keep an eye on him. On top of that, it’s pretty much the same faces as always — Blew, Aggz0, Dobrein, SimpLe and Cake are all good contenders for the win, as well as people who I should look out for.”

How are you looking forward to the upcoming season?
“Once again, Brawlhalla has grown A LOT since last year. The prize pools are insane, there’s a bunch of cool announced stuff and there will be a lot of traveling ahead, so I’m hyped! Tournaments wise, I will do my all to hold the power rank #1 EU spot for another year.”

More information about the tournament can be found here: