CSGO team released

The year starts already with a change of pace as Team PHZ Counter Strike Global Offensive roster is released of duty effective immediately. Disbanding the squad became necessary and we believe this action will ultimately be better for all parties. We, the Team PHZ management want to extend our deepest gratitude to the first premiere squad, who will forever remain such in the history of the organization. Thank you for your optimism and enthusiasm in establishing Team PHZ. We wish the players all the best in their further endeavors.

The released roster included:

Vincent “Vinski” Knopp
Kaspar “Mehukatt!” Hagman-Chafei
Victor “Vixx” Sommardal
Anton “Bjerger” Salminen
Jonatan “Jongo” Karumaa
Lucas ”Swan” Sjöberg
And the team manager
Jens ”General Mayhem” Brännback