Kallas out, Vix in

Oskar “Kallas” Virkki has been released from the CS:GO roster. Victor “Vixx” Sommardal joins Team.PHZ.fi to complete the fresh squad. We are optimistic about this change, and believe Vixx will bring up the whole team’s level of play. This is what Vixx had to say about joining the team:

“I am happy and excited to join the team. We have a lot of potential in the team and I hope to do my part in getting us further.”

Team.PHZ.fi CS:GO pro team is now:

  • Kaspar “Mehukatt!” Hagman-Chafei
  • Victor “Vixx” Sommardal
  • Vincent “Vinski” Knopp
  • Anton “Bjerger” Salminen
  • Jonatan “Jongo” Karumaa
  • Lucas “Swan” Sjöberg
  • Manager: Jens “General Mayhem” Brännback